Dada Artists

After reading about the Dada movement, which began in Zurich, Switzerland in 1916 as a reaction to WWI, and the vital role played by the Dada artists in making photomontage famous in the early 20th century, I decided to look more into their work for inspiration.

Raoul Hausmann Austrian, 1886–1971 Der Kunstreporter (The Art Critic), 1919–1920

I found the piece interesting for its clear-cut intentions and critical outlook on the “art critic”, who happens to have a shoe for a brain (portraying the critical realism of their work as they bring forward primarily what many think).

Raoul Hausmann Austrian, 1886–1971 Dada siegt [Dada Triumphs], 1920

This art work grabbed my attention for its fascinating precision and impressive amount of detail. Hausmann also included a photograph of himself in the piece, which I found to be a much better form of a signature at the bottom of a painting.

John Heartfield German, 1891–1968 Cover of the newspaper Jedermann sein eigner Fussball (Everyone His Own Soccerball)

This piece, by Heartfield, shows a more subtle form of montage where the engineering of the photo is cleverly hidden to make the newspaper cover seem almost real, if it were not for the question of the day contest: “Gallery of German Male Beauty, Prize Question: Who Is the Most Beautiful?”

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